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New Patient Reviews


  • This was the most thorough and comprehensive chiropractic evaluation I have ever received. Dr. Rumbaugh and the assistants were very professional and caring, Marianne went above and beyond to help me understand insurance benefits. After having been to several practitioners previously I have finally found the practice to stay with long term

    -Heather K.
  • Getting me in on short notice was wonderful, thank you!

    -Christina S.
  • Kindness and professionalism was provided at all times!

    -Joseph R.
  • So glad I came here. I am confident that Dr. Gump will try his best to help me.

    -Cherlyn M.
  • Outstanding patient care!

    -Lorrie K.
  • The doctors and staff are very kind. I was unable to stand for any amount of time without excruciating pain. They all were very gentle and accommodating to my needs. They explained everything they were doing and why they were doing it.

    -Brittany C.
  • I will now be alive!

    -Lorianne C.
  • Staff was excellent. Very compassionate and caring.

    -Justin J.
  • Very efficient office. Very friendly.

    -Eileen G.
  • This was not my first visit to Dr Gump; I have experience many years of excellent care with extreme confidence and satisfaction.

    -Margaret P.
  • Very nice and helpful.

    -Donald R.
  • Very personable, caring, friendly, professional and confident skills.

    -Christopher B.
  • Would highly recommend Dr. Gump to everyone I know!

    -Molly B.
  • This was the best first visit/exam/treatment with a chiropractor that I have ever experienced. Thank you Dr. Gump, Dr. Jesko, and Dr. Rumbaugh.

    -Jay M
  • The Doctor’s explained every problem in detail and showed the evidence as to why we need to address the problem.

    -Sarah S.
  • I am hopeful this will help me. Thank you for listening to me.

    -Jaime M.
  • The Doctor and staff were very professional and put me at ease considering this was my first visit to a chiropractor office. The exam I was given was very thorough, and that plus the x-rays taken makes me very hopeful that Dr. Gump will be able to successfully address my back and neck issues.

    -John S.
  • The staff was very friendly, informative about what they were doing and why and made me feel very comfortable.

    -Amanda K.
  • Felt welcome and like me & my health was the most important thing to all during my visit.

    -Kelly M.
  • This is without a doubt the very best chiropractic experience I have ever had from the friendly staff to the great doctors.

    -Peter G.
  • Very thorough exam.

    -Joni M.
  • Great staff and doctors. I love it there.

    -Lisa M.
  • I came to the office apprehensive and nervous. Everyone I had contact with was cordial and put me at ease. Thank You.

    -Bruce B.
  • So glad to be back. Very thorough first visit.

    -Melinda S.
  • Dr. Gump’s office was able to see me as a new patient same-day in terrible pain. I am grateful to have found such a wonderful team of whole health chiropractors.

    -Jeanette H.
  • Dr. Gump and his staff really seemed like they cared for me, they spent a ton of time talking to me, which gave me a lot of hope. Dr. Gump even called me over the weekend to see how I was feeling!

    -April M.
  • Love the help I get.

    -Emmajean S.
  • Thanks for making me feel at home!

    -James T.
  • I was incredibly impressed that my care was dealt with in such a thorough, professional yet compassionate manner. I felt welcomed and valued.

    -Rachelle N.
  • Dr Gump and his staff are fantastic. I’ve gone to another chiropractor and I wasn’t real happy and then a friend recommended Dr. Gump and I am so happy she did. This was a much much better experience.

    -Sharon P.
  • After the first treatment improvement is already being realized.

    -Nancy S.
  • Frank and I are very satisfied with our experience with you and your staff. We look forward to better health with your services.

    -Louisa C.
  • My first visit was about six years ago and I’ve been coming every two months since. Dr. Gump is an amazing man. God has blessed him with healing hands and God has blessed my family with Dr. Gump. Staff is awesome as well. I have referred his practice to many people.

    -Karen S.
  • The staff was very good at getting me in without an appointment. They explained each step very thorough. I was very pleased leaving after my first visit.

    -Gary H.
  • Very Professional in all the services I received. Would recommend to everyone.

    -Thomas Y.
  • I was very impressed with the thoroughness and the caring attitude of the I look forward to future visits.

    -Joan G.

Everyone is Always as Pleasant and Helpful

Every doctor I have met here, as well as all of the other office employees are great. Everyone is always as pleasant and helpful as can be. Very informative of every single question you ask. I haven’t had a single complaint. Many visits to come!

- Wesley C.

Very Warm and Welcoming

Dr. Gump and his staff are very warm and welcoming. They take time to explain everything to you, answer any questions you may have. I would recommend them to anyone seeking Chiropractic care.

- Richard H.

Impressed with Explanation

It was my first visit and exam was very thorough. I was also impressed with how they explained the problem and procedure to correct the problem.

- Glenn H.

Felt That I Was The #1 Priority

I was very impressed with my first visit, never having gone to a chiropractic clinic and not knowing what to expect. I felt that I was the #1 priority for people who were working with me and I thought Dr Gump coming in to meet and welcome me to the practice within the first 10 minutes was a very comforting touch. I am encouraged that the staff has a thorough understanding of my situation and know that they will be able to address my issues.

- Donald B.

Nice, Caring and Informative

Sincerely one of the nicest, caring doctor(s) and staff I’ve ever encountered. Dr. Rumbaugh was very informative and helpful answering any question I may have had. Dr. Gump personally greeted me, helped me thru my anxiety & made me feel at ease. The staff were super friendly and helpful. I’m so glad I made a visit here & recommend Dr. Gump highly.

- Karen W.

Friendly and Understanding

Very efficient and thorough. Doctors and staff very friendly and understanding! I feel like they are truly concerned with my problems! Also office hours very accommodating.

- Michelle A

Very Grateful

I was feeling very nervous but was given lots if reassurance about my visit. I’m very grateful to have taken this step and I know it will pay off in my future. Very grateful.

- Rachel J.


You have given us new hope that MG can be fixed. You were so thorough in your exam and explanation of everything. After being to so many other doctors, it is refreshing that someone is actually looking for the root problem, not just offering meds to cover up her symptoms. I am looking forward to her next appointment.

- Marygrace G.

5 Stars All The Way!

I have NEVER had a more thorough examination. Very professional office staff and practice. I slipped and fell on untreated ice at my place of employment 2 weeks before a cruise. Dr. Gump and staff went out of there way to help me to get ready for my upcoming cruise. I cannot say enough about Dr. Gump and his caring attitude and level of treatment. 5 stars all the way!!

- Colleen G.

Attentive, Helpful, Patient, Kind, Friendly Staff

The staff were very attentive, helpful, patient, kind, and friendly. They didn’t leave me in a room wondering if I’d been forgotten. Dr. Gump came in and introduced himself while I was completing paperwork which made me feel like a valued patient. The doctors and staff made me feel very much at ease. I was promptly examined and Drs. Rumbaugh and Gump explained my results and course of treatment. I’ve been in pain for a long time, but I left there excited and hopeful that my condition can be treated and the pain alleviated without surgery. I feel that going to Dr. Gump is the best move that I’ve made.

- Sarah G.

Everybody Went Above and Beyond

Your entire staff was so friendly and professional! Everybody went above and beyond to help me. Dr. Rumbaugh was so easy to talk to about my issues and made me feel at ease. Margaret was so nice and helpful too. I have every confidence that you guys will able to help me and I feel lucky to be a patient of your office. Thank You All!!

- Angela B.

Highly Recommend

Love this practice. From Dr. Gump to his staff, everyone is excellent in what they do. Had major issues and trauma to my neck, back, and spine. Hospital didn’t find it, but Dr. Gump did. Have been going to him for 20+ years. Moved to Pittsburgh and have no problem driving to Beaver Falls. He is that good. The staff is that good. They are truly a blessing. Can’t recommend enough.

- Ann C.

Helped Me So Many Times

Dr. Gump is very good, he knows what he is doing. He has helped me so many times in feeling better and relief of pain. I would recommend Dr. Gump to everybody. And he has very good and friendly staff. Thank you!

- Carmen G.